Dr Oakley Smith, Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Artist

I’m a first-generation immigrant from Scotland and have lived my life in the east end of Toronto and my clinic is in The Beach. I have created an environment at the Beach Cosmetic Clinic to ensure our patients receive the highest quality treatments and care by my personally trained team to achieve a natural radiant appearance.

I believe cosmetic procedures are a healthy option for many people. We live in a visual world. We develop an image of ourselves and this influences our self worth and how confident we feel. Improving our appearance can have an amazing positive effect on your self esteem and wellbeing. Witnessing this transformation is the joy I receive from what I do.

Dr Oakley Smith, a Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon, is a well known Otolaryngologist who practices in Facial Plastic Surgery. He is one a very small group of surgeons in Canada practicing exclusively Facial Plastic Surgery of the nose, or rhinoplasty.

Our aesthetic nurse and I take the time to get to know you and provide you with the knowledge and expertise so you are confident with your choice of procedure and thrilled with the results. We pride ourselves in creating an artistic accentuation of the individual’s strengths, while minimizing any flaws.

Leuty Lifeguard Station Painting by Oakley Smith

An Artist At Heart

Ever since I can remember, I have been expressing myself through pencil sketches, paintings and sculptures. Working with my hands has always been a passion of mine. When I discovered Rhinoplasty, I felt a creative connection. In essence, I am hand-crafting an aesthetically balanced sculpture, but one that brings someone life-changing happiness. I still, to this day, spend time painting in the more traditional sense, yet I feel every day I am working as an artist inside my profession. Being able to see the end result in my mind, and know what needs to be done now, for it to look perfect in the end… is a true art form. It is a craft that I can confidently say I have mastered over the years.